Snow removal bids made easy

Auto-measure drive lanes, sidewalks, pavements and parking lots to win more bids

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No matter Rain or Snow

Attentive automatically measures sites for snow removal services. Measure 100s of sites in bulk, or in real-time.

Get info on drivable area, parking lots, sidewalks and pavement without site visits or measuring manually.

Access from anywhere through you computer, tablets or mobile devices

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How we help you win more bids, save time and money


Solve all your measurement needs

  • Determine equipment requirements whether snow plowing, de-icing, or snow blowing 

  • Identify parking lot obstacles and possible hazards

  • Label identifiers on the property image to help you crew

  • Decide where to push the snow so that it doesn't effect the movement of vehicles

Don't just take our word for it


"Attentive has been extremely helpful in providing my team and me with expedient & accurate estimates. It has also allowed us to apply a more continuous flow of opportunities into the sales funnel."

-Bill Hope, Beary Landscaping

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