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Are you still doing paving takeoffs manually?

Get fully automated asphalt takeoffs on high resolution imagery delivered to your inbox

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How manual takeoffs are hurting your paving business

Inaccurate takeoffs lead to poor estimates of material, labor & equipments costs

If you overbid, you lose out on bids. If you underbid, cost overruns hurt your margins

Time spent on takeoffs take aways hours of selling time

Get Accurate, Fully Automated Paving Takeoffs with Attentive

Asphalt paving & maintenance takeoffs on high resolution 2022 imagery - delivered in 3 clicks

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All the site measurements you need for your paving maintenance bids

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Be On Time and On Budget with Attentive

Commit realistic budgets & timelines to your customers

Use high fidelity data to align project planning long before machine engines start

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Win more bids and improve your margins high precision takeoffs

Get takeoffs done on high resolution 2022 imagery to ensure accurate cost estimation

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Save 95% of time spent doing takeoffs manually

Set up automated takeoffs in seconds. Bid more & spend time on closing deals instead

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The Most Powerful Paving Takeoff Software

Save time with fully automated takeoffs

Bid more with multiple takeoffs delivered in parallel

Win more bids with accurate takeoffs

High resolution 2022 imagery with side views

Collaborate with interactive sitemaps

Show up prepared on site with property intelligence

Bringing the Best of the Landscaping Industry to Asphalt Paving

Trusted by 200+ top landscapers in the US

“I am really confident about the Attentive software & its accuracy. We get very strong documented measurements and the margin of error is extremely low.”

"Attentive is saving a lot of time for our team. The software is able to measure sites for us quickly and the measurements are spot on. It's made our sales process highly efficient."

"Using Attentive, we have experienced tremendous results. The software provides great mapping and site data which is helpful during presentations to the client."

Need clarification?

What kind of property measurements can I automate on Attentive?

You can measure all kinds of properties - be it residential, commercial, retail chains, HoAs, industrial properties with no restriction on the size of the property. Attentive automatically loads the property lot boundary based on tax records to help you set up the measurements quickly, and you can also edit it as per your discretion.

How many takeoffs can I request at a time?

You can create up to 10 measurement requests at a time. The takeoffs queue gets processed on their own, two at a time.

What is the turnaround time for a takeoff?

Turn-around time depends on various factors like size of the property, property-features requested and complexity of the property. Small properties are turned around in minutes whereas large HoAs might take a few hours.